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Advanced Patent Infringement Search Services for the telecommunications industry

Industry: Telecommunications 

Challenge: Screening a large portfolio for high-value 5G patents and identifying competitor products with the highest likelihood of infringement. 

Solution: Deployment of PatDigger for patent ranking, combined with ClaimChartLLM for infringement evidence and an expert team for strategic enforcement guidance. 

The innovative use of PatDigger for patent ranking, ClaimChartLLM for infringement mapping, and expert team analysis to formulate a focused and effective patent enforcement strategy.  

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Strategic Enforcement for a Telecommunications Patent Portfolio 

A leader in the telecommunications industry, holding an extensive portfolio of over 150 patents in 5G technology, needed to prioritize their patents and identify which competitor products were at the highest risk of infringement. With the 5G market experiencing exponential growth, the potential for their patented inventions to be used without consent was a significant concern. 

The Challenge: Prioritizing Patents and Identifying Key Infringers 

The sheer size of the client’s patent portfolio made it challenging to identify which patents were most valuable and most likely to be infringed upon by competitor products. The client required a methodical approach to evaluate their portfolio and to pinpoint products in the market that could be using their patented technologies. 

PatDigger: AI-Powered Patent Ranking Tool 

TT Consultants addressed this need with PatDigger, our sophisticated patent ranking tool that: 

  • Evaluates Patent Strength: PatDigger assesses patents for enforceability, scope, and relevance to current market products, identifying those with the highest potential value and likelihood of infringement. 
  • Compares Patents with Market Products: It performs a side-by-side comparison of patents against competitor products, highlighting the ones with significant overlaps. 

ClaimChartLLM for Detailed Infringement Evidence

In conjunction with PatDigger, ClaimChartLLM was utilized to: 

  • Generate Evidence-Based Claim Charts: This tool created comprehensive charts that meticulously mapped the client’s patent claims to features found in competitor products, providing clear evidence of infringement. 

Expert Team for Enforcement Strategy

Our expert team of IP analysts and 5G technology specialists provided: 

  • Strategic Enforcement Insights: They reviewed the rankings and claim charts to recommend which patents to enforce, considering the potential financial impact and likelihood of successful enforcement. 
  • Focused Legal Recommendations: Based on the evidence, the team advised on which competitor products to target for enforcement actions, maximizing the client’s IP protection and revenue potential. 

Outcome: Efficient Protection of High-Value Patents

The insights from PatDigger and ClaimChartLLM, combined with expert analysis, empowered the client to: 

  • Strategically Prioritize Patents: Focus on a subset of 20 high-value patents from their portfolio that were most likely to be infringed upon based on market analysis. 
  • Streamline Enforcement Efforts: Direct their legal resources towards pursuing infringement claims against competitor products that posed the greatest threat to their IP assets and market share. 

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