Comprehensive Freedom to Operate Services for a Pharmaceutical Company

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Comprehensive Freedom to Operate Services for a Pharmaceutical Company

Industry: Pharmaceutical 

Challenge: Navigating FTO complexities for a novel arthritis treatment formulation in South American and Southeast Asian markets. 

Solution: Advanced AI-Enhanced FTO Search and Expert Local Analysis 

The meticulous approach of TT Consultants has become a hallmark of our services, ensuring that clients like this pharmaceutical company can enter new markets with assured freedom to operate. This case study is a testament to our innovative strategies in overcoming IP research challenges, establishing TT Consultants as a pioneer in the intersection of AI technology and legal expertise. 

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Enabling a Pharmaceutical Company to Enter New Markets with Confidence 

A prominent pharmaceutical company was poised to introduce a new arthritis medication internationally. The formulation’s active compound was an innovation in the treatment of arthritis, and the company sought to ensure that their expansion into several South American and Southeast Asian countries was legally sound and unimpeded by existing patents. 

The Challenge: Comprehensive FTO Analysis in Diverse Jurisdictions 

The company faced a considerable challenge: performing a freedom to operate search across jurisdictions with varying levels of accessibility to patent documents and different languages. This challenge was compounded by the fact that many countries were not part of the INPADOC database, requiring a more hands-on approach to obtain the necessary documentation. 

Innovative AI-Based Research Tools: 

TT Consultants employed state-of-the-art AI tools to conduct an extensive search of global patent databases, including those not readily accessible or outside the INPADOC system. These tools were instrumental in:

  • Extracting Full-Text Patent Documents: Where digital versions were not available, our AI tools could predict and locate pertinent patents, allowing for a comprehensive FTO search. 
  • Translating Complex Patent Claims: AI-powered translation ensured the accurate interpretation of patent claims from various languages, essential for a thorough FTO analysis. 

On-the-Ground Expertise

Our solution was further strengthened by leveraging our network of local IP experts who: 

  • Procured Non-Digital Patent Documents: By obtaining physical copies of patents directly from local offices, we ensured no potential infringement was overlooked. 
  • Provided Local Legal Insight: Local experts delivered critical insights into the nuances of each jurisdiction’s patent law, which was crucial for a detailed FTO assessment. 

Outcome: Assured Market Entry

Through our comprehensive AI-enhanced FTO search, combined with the expertise of local IP professionals, TT Consultants provided the pharmaceutical company with the clarity and confidence to proceed with their market expansion. The company was able to navigate the complex patent landscape, ensuring their new arthritis treatment could be launched without legal impediments, thus safeguarding their commercial interests and fostering innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. 

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