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With the dawn of our childhood, we all have been fans of Hide & Seek, where we just simply used to hide and our friend being unable to locate us, makes us feel like a spy. Remember those love songs, expressing notions of running away to places and get lost, well no matter how exciting and romantic it sounds to the ears, but with current status of technology its like bailing out the ocean with a teaspoon weather you go to the highest peaks of Himalayas or to the murkiest jungles of amazon, it’s as easy as ABC for gadgets to reach you. With every footstep, we are leaving data, with every snack at the bar we are filling the memory chips of computers with information about the choices and possibilities with us. With Big data chasing us even better than our shadow, it has gone from rags to riches in no time. Research says we will touch around 44 zeta-bytes of data by 2020, leaving most of us scratching our heads with questions like what the heck is a zeta-byte, well to light up the wandering thoughts it is exactly if you break everything present on the earth to tiny sand particles and count every single grain of sand and multiply it with a factor of 75, that many bytes of data (1ZB=1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes). This picture paints a thousand words but the paramount question remains where is the data coming from, well Intellects of data processing conclude that

There is approximately 1.7 Mega-Bytes of data produced every second for every single person.

3000 hours of video uploaded on YouTube every minute with 30 million visitors watching 5 billion videos per day.

2.2 billion Facebook active users with an increment of 13 percent every year uploading 300 million pictures every day.

319.6 billion emails will be sent and received each day by 2020 with current speed.

And the list has yet not started, Big data emerging as a breath of fresh air has almost touched every sector in the world be it corporate, health, education, fashion to even cumbersome decisions like elections, government policies etc. It’s ready to burst and is going to touch every life on the planet. So, for all those who might think they can give big data a cold shoulder, are going to be left with disappointment. Ignoring this is not an option now, that’s why many big business intellects have started to play with data and are creating business models to reach out to the maximum public in no time.

Big Data has brought a radical change in the field of Intellectual property. As the data is flooding the websites also its easy access has endorsed the serviceability of increasing Intellectual property. Corporate Sector, educational Sector as well as Government laid emphasis on filing patents as it impinge the very vital aspects of the nation such as medical, military etc and also a benefactor for creativity, technology, growth and opportunities in each and every corner. World is witnessing IP and Big data growing like a snowball effect and more and more countries jump on the bandwagon and could foresight patents as assets for development. As the early bird gets the worm every initiative is appreciated and published as it will act as a prior art if not get you the rights. Citation Analysis, portfolio analysis, prior art, litigation, infringement tracing, acquisitions etc. has flourished so much and now everyone look before they leap as its costs a leg and an arm if you have an IP case in the court.

But with such an access to the immense insights of human data there are clouds on the horizon. Cases like the ethical reckoning brought by Facebook and Cambridge Analytica were a bolt from the blue. When the world got wind that the Events like the US Presidential elections, Brexit referendum were influenced using data insights of about 50 million Americans and a million Englishmen and decisions were actually impinged upon the people.

It was quite shocking and unacceptable to the world and the elephant in the room remains BIG DATA. Earlier in 2014 when Facebook came to know about data leakage through Kogan’s app they took it with a grain of salt and said that they are carefully investigating and that misusing Facebook information is a direct violation to their policies and a swift action like banning those companies forcing them to destroy the illegally collected data will be done. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure but this was not the case for Facebook, the implementation was not through and this event rained heavily on Facebook’s parade. Once bitten twice shy this scandal leads people’s faith and trust to go down in flames, and increased emotions of mistrust, cheat and fraud all around the corner.

Sitting on a fence its a blessing in disguise for all those customers benefited as everything is reaching them and becoming just a click, but on the other hand what if this data is used to manipulate honesty, emotions, democracy and to promote pseudo-terrorism, corruption etc. In conclusion if we look to the matter, come rain or shine Big Data undoubtedly is the best thing since sliced bread but the ball is in your court as its a poor workman who blames his tools, we should be aware of data what we are sharing with the sources just know where the wind is blowing and Big Data will bring the best of both worlds, we should not judge the book by its cover as it was a snowball’s chance in hell to expose the matter without the leverage of Big Data.


Himanshu Arora

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