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A freedom-to-operate search, often known as an “FTO search,” is a kind of patent investigation that scans the patent landscape for any covered technologies that would prevent you from using your innovation unrestrictedly. Otherwise, you can be violating intellectual property rights without realizing it.   

Right-to-use searches, patent clearance searches, and risk assessments of patent infringement are other names for freedom-to-operate searches. 

Before submitting a patent application, businesses should conduct an FTO search as part of their due diligence. It is ideal to undertake a patent clearance search earlier in the innovation phase to make sure that R&D and IP resources are allocated properly and efficiently. In the event that your company is charged with IP infringement, a comprehensive FTO search will assist you in proving that you exercised due diligence.   

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The process of conducting a Freedom-to-operate (FTO) search is crucial for any business or individual looking to bring a new product or technology to the market. An FTO search involves assessing whether your proposed product or technology may infringe on existing patents, copyrights, trademarks, or any other intellectual property rights held by others.  

It helps identify potential risks and allows you to make informed decisions to avoid costly legal disputes. Before diving into an FTO search, there are several essential questions to consider.

What is the scope of your product or technology? 

Begin by clearly defining the scope of your product or technology. Understand its features, functionalities, and intended use. This will help you determine which intellectual property rights to search for during the FTO analysis. 

Is your industry centered around patents? 

There is more pertinent prior art in some businesses than others. If your industry files patents frequently, a thorough FTO search is particularly important.  

You can prevent your search from getting too overwhelming by using specific tactics, such as utilizing IP’s unique search with a combination of logic-based syntax (find X term inside Y amount of Z), semantic, and Boolean search capabilities, starting with the patents of direct competitors and expanding to industry-wide searches as appropriate. 

Are you aware of any existing patents related to your product?  

Before investing in a comprehensive FTO search, check if you are already aware of any relevant patents that may affect your product. This preliminary research will give you a starting point and potentially save time and resources. 

What stage of the innovation process are you in right now?  

An FTO search should be completed multiple times during the research and development process. However, how you approach the search may be different, depending on how complete your invention is.  

For example, early in the process, you may not look at many patent applications, because the scope of their claims may be very different by the time they are patented and you’re ready to file your own patent application. An IP consulting firm can give R&D teams confidence in an idea’s novelty early in the innovation lifecycle. 

How often and in-depth you examine patent applications as part of your FTO search also depends on how quickly your industry innovates and patents those new inventions. Insourcing the FTO search process using an intuitive software solution allows you to continuously monitor the patent landscape throughout the invention life cycle. 

What level of commitment do you have to the advancement of this technology? 

In general, it is more crucial to have faith in your freedom to function the more money is invested in R&D. On the other hand, it’s crucial to stop conducting your FTO search once the benefits start to dwindle.  

Your FTO search strategy does not need to be as thorough for technologies with a lesser investment and potential ROI because more thorough searches demand more resources. 

What countries are you planning to operate in? 

The validity and scope of intellectual property rights can vary significantly from one country to another. Decide where you intend to sell or produce your product and focus your FTO search on those specific jurisdictions. 

Have you identified key competitors or players in the industry? 

Identify major competitors or companies with products similar to yours. Analyzing their existing patents and intellectual property can provide valuable insights and help you understand potential infringement risks. 

Is your product a combination of existing technologies? 

If your product involves combining different technologies, you must conduct a thorough analysis of each individual component. This is essential because even if each component is independently patentable, combining them may result in infringement. 

Has the technology landscape changed recently? 

The intellectual property landscape is continuously evolving. New patents are granted, existing ones expire, and legal decisions might impact the scope of certain patents. Make sure your FTO search covers recent developments in the relevant technology domain. 

Is your product an improvement or modification of an existing technology? 

If your product is an improvement or modification of an existing technology, conduct an FTO search not only for the original technology but also for related improvements. Even if the original patent has expired, the improvement may still be protected. 

Are there any licensing opportunities? 

During your FTO search, you may discover patents or intellectual property rights that are relevant to your product but are available for licensing. In such cases, acquiring a license can provide you with the freedom-to-operate without the risk of infringement. 

Do you have a plan in case of potential infringement? 

Before commencing your FTO search, have a clear plan in place for addressing potential infringement issues. This may involve modifying your product, seeking a license, or developing an alternative approach. 

Is your industry prone to litigation? 

Patent infringement litigation is more frequent in some industries, such as consumer goods, biotech, and electronics. Your patent clearance search should be more thorough if your company operates in (or close to) certain markets in order to shield you from a claim of intellectual property infringement. 

Have you assessed the risk tolerance of your organization? 

Depending on your organization’s risk tolerance, you may choose to adopt different strategies based on the FTO search results. Some companies may decide to move forward despite identified risks, while others may opt for further modifications or licensing agreements to mitigate potential infringement concerns.  

Understanding your organization’s risk appetite will help guide your decision-making process. 

Have you considered global implications? 

If your product has global reach, it’s crucial to conduct an FTO search in the countries where you plan to operate. Intellectual property laws vary significantly across jurisdictions, and what may be permissible in one country may infringe on existing rights in another. 


Conducting a thorough Freedom-to-operate search is a crucial step in the product development process. It helps mitigate the risks of intellectual property infringement and potential legal challenges.  

By considering the questions outlined in this blog, you can approach the FTO search strategically and make informed decisions that pave the way for a successful product launch.  

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