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From a top mobile manufacturing giant to a bankrupt company, the journey of Nokia’s success to failure could be summarized just like this.

Few years back, Nokia was a big name in the smart-phone industry. The smart-phone industry changed very fast and they missed out on embracing the new technology, and thus they lost and couldn’t survive.

The last emotional speech of Nokia CEO abridged the turbulence in today’s marketplace where the chances of failure are much more if you do not innovate and move along with industry.

What was the end of the road to Nokia?
Nokia, as we know, was rooted from the industry and since then it’s trying to make a return. Nokia understands that it’s not possible to change the past, but they can make a comeback that nobody expected from them and they can make it big.

Now, as their deal with Microsoft is over, Nokia is working towards launching mobile phones under their flagship. Even they recently sold all stock of Nokia 6 smart-phone in less than a minute. Nokia knows that in today’s marketplace it’s only winning that matters and everything else is a part of the excuse. Also, the biggest recognition for true champions has always come from their return at the times of adversity.

Nokia can take advantage of its strong and diversified patent portfolio and bring innovative products to the market.

We Indians love this company much more than anyone else, as most of us had our first Nokia mobile phone. So, we definitely look forward to seeing Nokia at the top again.

Also, Nokia has recently acquired Alcatel-Lucent which is one of the market leaders in the IP world.

Considering all this, we feel that Nokia still has a lot of potential to become a front-runner company again, while the past of Nokia has been about “connecting people”, the future can be about “connecting the world”.


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