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TTC is like a second home to the employees , for a major chunk of the day is devoted within its premises. Apart from being a prime-mover in innovation and ideation , TTC has always promoted the overall well-being of its employees. A busy corporate life often makes people take their health for granted , so what better way to get some valuable knick-knacks within the office premises! In this spirit, a Multi-Specialty Health Camp was held at TTC on 21st of April where Dr. Ranjit Singh (Internal Medicine),  Dr. Seema Wadhwa (Gynaecology) and Dt. Aastha (Dietetics) from MAX hospital conducted interactive and personalized consultations for the employees. A well rounded general health check-up was performed by the able medical faculty. Amidst the strict deadlines and busy schedules one often tends to binge on empty calories and miss the nutrition quotient. Some really handy diet tips were provided which would not only increase work efficiency but also help everyone to overcome the sedentary lifestyle related issues. TTC has been always making efforts to give substantial value to its employees when it organizes events addressing their concerns. It was yet another refreshing gesture that turned out to be informative and insightful.


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