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For decades displays have been simply flat and rigid. However, in past years tech companies like Samsung & LG have come up with curved displays. They have released devices with curved displays such as “Samsung Galaxy Round” and “LG G Flex”. Now, tech companies and manufacturers are looking forward to “bendable displays” which can take tech design to another level. 

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What is a Bendable Display?

Bendable does not simply imply “curved”. 

Although curved displays are interesting, they are not the same as bendable displays.   

Conventional liquid crystal displays (LCD) include many layers such as a backlight, polarizer, thin-film-transistor layer, liquid crystals, color filter glass, and a polarizer. Although, LCDs are flat and rigid, but a couple of tech companies like Samsung have managed to make curved ones. 

In past years, organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays have been extremely popular and provide many benefits such as better image quality and flexibility. OLED displays do not need a backlight source and thus can be slim such that they can be molded into curved displays. 

Bendable Displays

Both, of the above types of displays, can be manufactured to bend. An Apple supplier “Japan Display Inc.” announced the development of a 5.5-inch flexible display by adopting plastic substrates instead of a conventionally used glass substrate that cannot bend. The curved displays which can bend can bring revolution in the tech industry and can take the engineering and material science to next level.  

bendable displays

The major advantage of the bendable displays would be durability and it is assumed that plastic substrates would be used instead of glass. However, plastic is also not invincible.

Corning was working on Willow which is a bendable glass. Corning further plans to use this bendable glass in phone displays, TV displays, and even in wearable device displays. But again, Willow can break if bent too much.

Now, the main challenge for engineers is to develop materials that are unbreakable under the stress of flexibility and at the same time, that can show an image across the display with consistency.   

Bendable Displays a Reality!

Recently, in CES 2021 TCL and LG unveiled rollable screens which turned these bendable displays into a reality. LG also revealed a bendable OLED screen with a curvature radius of up to 1,000R. 

Quick IP Insights:

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Top IP Players:

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Market Facts

According to a market research report, the Flexible Display Market (Globally) was valued at $ 12.50 billion in 2020, and this is projected to reach $ 65.32 billion by 2026, and a CAGR of 34.23% is forecasted during this time. 

Few Top Players in Market Based on Brief Market Overview

  • AU Optronics 
  • BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd 
  • Cambrios Technologies 
  • Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd 
  • Corning Incorporated 
  • Delta Electronics 
  • E Ink Holdings 
  • E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company 
  • Flexenable 
  • Guangzhou Oed Technologies Co. ltd 
  • Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd 
  • Innolux Corporation 
  • Japan Display 
  • Kateeva 
  • Koninklijke Philips N.V. 
  • LG Display 
  • Microchip Technology Inc. 
  • Microtips Technology 
  • Plastic Logic 
  • Royole Corporation 
  • Samsung Electronics 
  • Sharp Corporation 
  • Sony Corporation 
  • TCL Electronics Holdings Limited 
  • Visionox Corporation 

Future Possibilities?

In the future, it is possible to develop display devices that can be rolled over just like the sleeves of the shirt or can be folded like paper to fit into any space. But, for this, not just the display should be bendable, but the internal circuitry must be made bendable. Some tech companies like LG are already working on bendable circuits such as bendable battery packs. A bendable display could be used on the dashboards of your cars to digitize the dashboards. The displays can be used in any number of ways, and they can bring a revolution not just in the tech industry but also in other industries.   

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