Newcomers to foray Lithium/Sodium Batteries – Key to a green recovery

The global sodium-ion batteries market can be segmented into sodium-sulfur batteries, sodium-salt batteries (i.e zebra batteries), and sodium-oxygen (i.e sodium air) batteries. A sodium-sulfur battery is a type of molten-salt battery assembled from sulfur and liquid sodium. Such a type of battery has a high energy density, high efficiency of charge/discharge rate, and long lifecycle. It is made-up of economical materials. These batteries can be easily recycled and are non-flammable than other batteries that employ toxic or flammable materials.

The biggest challenge for any firm is to enter a new market segment which is likely to be developing a qualitative go-to-market strategy, due to a lack of actionable insights from the complex and varying size of different datasets.

The go-to-market solution offered by TT Consultants aids in identifying technology gaps, market-risk, IP-risk, investment avenues, costs involved at different levels of the value chain and many more discussed in brief.

Every day new innovations take place in the market, making it difficult for a human to maintain pace with the rapid developments. To ensure no scope of errors, an action plan needs to be constructed using inputs from both humans and machines (we call it humanatic).

  • Strategized approach
  • Risk Assessment
  • Minimize your hurdles

Analyzing your data to Identify Gems of Data:

This entire process saves a significant amount of money and time by entering a domain without performing any qualitative search. 

Global Key-Players for Sodium/Lithium Batteries Market

Key players operating in the global batteries market are AGM Batterie, Faradion, Panasonic, Nrgtek, Aquion Energy, etc.

Regional segments for Sodium/Lithium Batteries

  • North America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • The Middle East and Africa

Final output for all our planned Strategy & Management:

  • Increase in quality, speed & efficiency
  • Identifying other technologies in parallel with potential licensing & partner opportunities.
  • Cost saving

The Case study sheds light on various aspects and answers pertinent questions on the market. Some of the important ones are:

How – To invest to stay longer in the market?

What – To invest on?

Who – Are your threats in the market and many more.


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