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Context/Challenge that the tool addresses: 

Patent is a public information which is accessible to everyone. However, it is a tedious task to understand the invention enclosed in a patent. The complete understanding of the invention is generally impossible without perceiving the information included in patent images.

A Patent application contains images called as patent drawings, illustrating the embodiments which are different methods or ways of carrying out an invention. The images also contain critical information for understanding the patented invention. However, it is generally difficult to read the patent images as such, as the user needs to switch between text and images frequently to understand the critical information in the images. Reading these unattractive monochrome patent images by the conventional method is always boring and time-consuming. Further, to understand better, one needs an expertise in patent reading.

Xlpat has released a new version which holds the future of patent searching. The tool reads images/drawings associated with patents, saving a lot of time and reducing the complexity in understanding the images/drawings.

How does it work?
The tool processes images and then uses an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm to find definitions of embodiment/reference numbers mentioned in the image and then displays these definitions over the image. This tool extracts definition of embodiment/reference numbers in the image from description by understanding the actual meaning of the same. We make use of Natural Language Processing to accomplish this complex task of image processing, helping  machines understand the relation between text and images.

On click of a button a reference table is displayed containing all the reference numbers with corresponding text associated with that image.

Xlpat’s Intelligent Image Searching Tool has made it easy as one does not have to switch frequently between images and text to map all the references in the image/drawing. The tool saves a lot of human effort and time, resulting in quicker and efficient analysis, as the algorithm extracts intelligence from it automatically with least human intervention. This tool is specially useful for mechanical and semiconductor cases.

We are the first company globally to have this revolutionary technology.

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