TT Consultants- XLPAT announce China presence by appointing sales partnership in Guangdong region.

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24th April 2018. 

Washington USA XLPAT Labs, – Part of TT Group announced its foray, availability, sales and support presence in China today that it will be partnering locally with a china-based company headquarters in Guangzhou to be its sales partners.

Sales Partnership will allow the companies, innovators, R&D centers in China to get smooth hands on experience of the AI Powered intelligent solution XLPAT 3.0.

“The new sales channel will provide Chinese Companies, Instrumentalities and companies access to a local experience in local language with many Artificial Intelligence global features enabled. XLPAT will assist in improving Quality and as well as Quantity of patents in China and will give decision makers an Edge in Innovation. XLPAT will assist companies in identifying Infringements, file right and license correctly.” said Komal Talwar, Managing Director, XLPAT Labs.

“XLPAT boasts of patent and technology coverage of over 120 countries will allows users to perform thorough & exhaustive patent searches which, are far superior compared to all other databases. It is truly the world’s largest technology database. Further our platform extracts its intelligence from technologies like Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Watson, Search Intelligence and knowledge from our 10 years of experience in IPR” said Sandeep Kohli, Vice-President, XLPAT Labs.

About TT Consultants | XLPAT Labs:

TT Consultants has cemented its place in the IP market and is regarded as a go-to association for any of the IP needs. With our extensive IPR experience we launched XLPAT the world’s largest and most intelligent technology platform that uses AI, cognitive computing and machine learning technologies to turn big data into actionable business, research and technology insights.

Details of the sales channels in China can be obtained from

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